Saturday, 13 February 2010

Our Trip To Ice-Skating

On the 13 February was a exited day because yesterday mum said to us that today we are going ice-skating. It started this morning when my mum and my little brother was awoke and when me,my brother was in bed. Then my mum shout at me so that she can wake me up. Then we go to liyana's house because mummy and liyana's mum need to go to their netball training. When my mum got home i said to her let's go ice-skating ! then she said wait first we have to get dress up and we got dress up. I wear a skirt jean and two white shirt.We go there by a car and we follow uncle Es car. we park the car near my mum university and walk to the ice-skating place. When we got there there was hundred of people in a Que waiting for there shoe my friends was there to. Then i got my shoe and got to the ice rink. First i went to the children ice rink and there are penguin. Then i skate at the adult rink and it was OK. I skate and skate and once i skate with one foot and i was proud of my selves my mum saw me do that to and she was surprise. Then when i want to stop i just fell and it was a big crash and i hurt my knee so i went to my mum and said to her that i fall down i nearly cry. Then it the end of ice-skating and so i went to get my shoe. When we got up we go to my mum university and get our car and went home
The End


  1. i always see your family on saturdaay going to liyan's house

  2. uh-hum is it liyana's or liyan's house.

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